Michael Schrodt - German Photographer

Cape Horn - Antarctica - South Georgia - Tristan da Cunha - Capetown


Come and follow me into my magical World. Join me on an epic journey, covering over 5600 nautical miles of open ocean from Cape Horn at the most southern tip of south america to Capetown in Africa. Crossing the dreaded Drake Strait to Antarctica onboard a legendary Tallship – more than 100 years old and still seaworthy. Follow in the Footsteps of Sir Earnest Shackleton, the famous polar Explorer all the way up to South Georgia. Explore an oasis in the middle of the southern ocean thriving of Wildlife. Furseals, seaelephants and penguins just to name a few, who hardly see a human being. Set sail with me for the most remote island in the world and its inhabitants – Tristan da Cunha and arrive after weeks of sailing in Capetown.

Pictures of my 2 months sailing expedition to Antarctica

Südgeorgien Pinguine Königspinguin

Southgeorgia / Kingpenguin

"For over half an hour I´m lying flat on the ground. The Kingpenguin about two meters infront checks on me constantly. Just in that moment when the sun disappears behind the mountainrange he spreads his flippers and I take this shot - a quiet farewell...



Seelöwe Robbe Südgeorgien Südpol
Yes sign me in!!!

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